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A Novella

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The Demon Dead:Troubled Waters

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Ex US Navy Seabee, writer, painter, musician and unabashed lover of all things British. I am the author of the two book Demon Dead Series, The Demon Dead: Tres Zombies and The Demon Dead: Troubled Waters as well as the Novella Soul Survivor. Currently working on the alternate reality novel "The Many Lives of Caroline", which will be out some time in 2020. My writing has been praised in such diverse places as Karaoke Bars, Coffee Shops and Tattoo Parlors around the world...

I live in upstate South Carolina with my daughter, two Miniature Schnauzers, six Guitars featuring an American Fender Stratocaster, 1000 book personal library and a vast collection of heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal, prog metal, jazz, blues and big band music.

When it comes to painting it is a spiritual and emotional journey with an endless pursuit to...(sound of needle scratching on vinyl record...) naah... Actually I just love painting and doing the best I can to put the vision in my mind on canvas. You cannot find the meaning of life in a painting, however, there is something very satisfying about a glass of Red Wine, or Pale Ale, Miles Davis, Crash Test Dummies or Dream Theater playing in the background, a pile of paint and a blank canvas... 

      You can communicate directly with me at                      ""                                                   


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The Demon Dead:

Tres Zombies

Book One of Two

The Demon Dead: Troubled Waters

Book Two of Two

Soul Survivor

reading suggestions
Soul Survivor By Arthur M Wyatt Free Download! >
Replay by Ken Grimwood
Childhood's End by Arthur C Clark
Mysterium by Robert Charles Wilson
Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry
Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy
A short, short story: By Arthur M Wyatt

The End   

The winds came. Howling, hot, dry and foreboding. The sun was completely obliterated. Even though it was midday it gave off a dark gray heavy light that seem to smother everything.

Now I know how the dinosaurs felt, Rob thought.


Rob hunkered down in his shelter beneath the highway overpass as the storm raged. 

The dry, acrid, ash laden air burned his lungs. He pulled his shirt over his nose and breathed deeply. 

Damn, he thought, I need a bath.   

Somehow Rob thought the end would be different. He never dreamed he would be alone in a waste land devoid of, as far as he knew, life of any kind.  

He had imagined himself an old man surrounded by family in his last days. His children or maybe even grandchildren gathered.


 He never thought he would die like this.


Rob had wanted to have a family eventually, but now, he was glad he had not married and had children. He would, by this time, have already watched them die.  


But still, at barely thirty years old he had imagined a far different ending to his life. 

Rob thought back to listening to his Father’s old vinyl records when he was young. The lyrics from an old Doors song came to mind. 


“My only friend, The End…” Rob sang softly then laughed.  

They could have written those lyrics just for me, he thought. 

His many months of wandering the land alone in his struggle to survive finally coming to an end. The air he breathed no longer held enough oxygen to sustain him.


As he lay on the cold concrete taking his last breath, his mind once again returned to his childhood. A time when he would sit listening to the music and, as if in a trance, watch the vinyl record turn round and round. 

My only friend, The End… 

      Soul Survivor (A Novella)

Friday, May 26, 2017(Review by paul loh)

The Demon Dead: Troubled Waters

  Let me start by telling you that this book is the sequel to The Demon Dead: Tres Zombies, which is my favorite zombie book of all time. Then let me add, this book is my new favorite. Arthur M. Wyatt is a master story teller. Both books are deeply involved with what happens to the spirits of the people once the person has become a zombie. Any fans of my own work will understand why that would be so fascinating to me. That's exactly what my books are about!

  Troubled Waters continues the story from Tres Zombies exactly where we left off. The protagonists can never seem to catch a break. In the first book, there were several interactions between our heroes and various people and zombies. As we go through this narrative, we re-visit all of them and see how their stories turned out. It gives a delicious, often depressing finality to their stories. But that's not even my favorite part of this book.

  Without giving too much away, I will tell you that at several points in the story, we will be given the backstory to a zombie that has just attacked our heroes. These poignant and touching vignettes add a richness and depth of character rarely seen in zombie stories. I actually care about the zombie who just got his head blown off because he was trying to eat my hero. That is my favorite part about this book. I cried so many times throughout reading it.

  Do yourselves a favor and pick this one up. I know that a lot of people think that the zombie genre is tapped out, but there are so many unexplored avenues of story possibilities and Arthur M. Wyatt is a pioneer in the field of spiritual zombie stories. Brian Keene, David Wellington, and I can only watch as he forges new ground.

Posted by Paul Loh  MAY 26 5:26 PM 


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