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The Many Lives of Caroline

I have finally, after taking time off from writing, started a new novel.

1) "The Many Lives of Caroline" A Multiverse Novel. This story follows the main character, Caroline, as she struggles with alcoholism, depression and desperately trying to deal with and make sense of the nightmares that are becoming more and more real...

2) Caroline thought her pain and depression could get no worse. She was wrong... Have you ever wondered if there were other versions of yourself out there in the multiverse somewhere living out the different choices you could have made? For Caroline this idea would soon consume her. Caroline, a single, unhappy accountant with a tendency to drown her sorrows in red wine, would soon find out there were many different paths her life could have taken. She will be forced to live out each one. Regardless of how painful it is, she will have to deal with the choices made, and the choices not made. What starts merely as dreams she can barely remember, quickly becomes a nightmare. The line between reality and the dream world begin to blur. She can no longer tell which is which. Eventually she realizes she will have to take drastic measures to bring this nightmare to an end...

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